Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Third Antichrist

“The one who carries the blades of chaos,
Bow to thy! bow to thy!
The one who will conquer the wrath of the gods,
Bow to thy! bow to thy!”

And I listened,
And the world fell down.
The believers prayed, and, I was one of them.
Divine intervention, the believers hoped.

“He who stands tall, is the greatest antichrist of all.
Be the Fuhrer, be it Boney,
Bow to thy! Bow to thy!
And the rest of all,
Who are left alone,
From the gods of their own,
Bow to thy, or live to die!”

And the prayers went on and on...
Divine intervention, the believers still hoped.

This poem has been based on the prophecies of nostardamus depicting the arrival of the third antichrist supposed to ruin the world the first two being napoleon and hitler.
The scene describes a satanic chanting of the followers of the third antichrist.

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