Friday, January 29, 2010

A Theory to execution

“Behold O nations ,as now you see,
the dearth in my truth
but you will see,
the depth in my truth,
When the rays of knowledge
Shall dawn to thee”.

“The strings ought to break,
The puppets ought to sway
In the waters of a wisdom,
Still curtained by the Vatican”.

“O lord let dwell,
The light of your craft,
The light of your deeds,
In the souls of begotten,
Of your own Adam
And his own Eve”.

“O lord, you hold’
The reins of the worlds,
Far down below
And the worlds up above
And i espy, i aint  so far,
As a part of my string,
Sets me howling,
Howling up above or howling down below.”

The above lines depict the execution of polish astronomer nicolas copernicus

after he proposed the sun central model of the solar system.

Advocating something against the church ideology proved to be tad too much for him and he was hanged till death on these grounds.

Above lines should be read imagining copernicus, just moments away from his death and these words coming from his mouth.

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