Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Curious Triangle

           I spilled my blood, gifted to life
My life gulped it and i solitarised.
I am my life, my wasted life.

Waste is a thief, the prophets said
 the greats agreed with a deceptive nod.
I am my life, my wasted life
The Almighty knows!
The Almighty knows!

Waste is a thief and i am the one,
Theft is my life and i am the thief.

My heart inflames and pleads a revenge,
For it’s dear colleague,
The one life gulped,
For the broken dreams
And the worldly rejection.

Yesternight in my sleep
And my fancies deep,
I heard a lament
or a lively chant,
a lovely chant.

Coz of the word ‘love’,
I guessed the heart
and sensed  the sense of a vintage betrayal.
“You are your life, your wasted life”.

The chant went on and rendered me alone.
My heart and my life , departed like ghouls.
Or had they so a long long ago,
But now  i sensed,
the being of mine,
the image of mine,
like the william’s reaper. 

And the battle is on,
And the culprit is none.
In the sequential fights,
on one side me,the other my heart,
and the third one being none but my life

But in the end guess who made it own,
Death stands alone! Death stands alone!
I was my life, my wasted life.
                                                  And the Grim smiled with a spear in his hand

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