Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alas! Hadst i left the pebble nay.
A wasted reprise; waves on the water sway.
The ant lays anguished in tatters,
For now its parenthood jolted,
As empty stomachs await; gasping and famished.

A musical curse; for no language it speaks,
Renders my conscience dented;
My aims mocked.

Raptly my eyes call for the grain.
Tide it calls but tiny ripples;
Enjoying each rise and ebb.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Jack, lest thou shall fail,
Then live on my horizon.
Though i hast lost the battle,
When a spear pierced my lively veins,
And an airful of laughter entered the silent chasm of my ear.

A rider be thou, a knight.
And a ghost awaits, darker than dead of the night.
A reciprocal he is, of you, my magnificent saviour.
A ghost with flesh & bones, still darker than dead of the night.

Faith, no fear shall pump thine blood,
Ghast ain’t be the master now,
Eerie ain’t be air.
Jack, all believe, they be the prophecy.

Close thine ears, as there be qualms,
Needless though, needful for oblivions.
See no evil, but you hath kill them.
A lovely paradox.

Devil’s proclivity, he advocates, the madman.
On satan’s altar, he chants;
“god is dead.....god is dead.....
god is dead.......”

My sister, he offered, a virgin,
And drank her blood.
Blew a carving of her thigh bone,
A trumpet, pale white.

Quenchless revenge; my unsalvated soul.
Jack, my prophet’s avatar,
Faith, no fear shall pump thine blood.
Grant me salvation;
With the waves of thine laughter,
My transparency touches.

And i quench my revenge,
When the ghost leaves his flesh and bones.
And God’s laughter enters the silent chasm of his ear.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Third Antichrist

“The one who carries the blades of chaos,
Bow to thy! bow to thy!
The one who will conquer the wrath of the gods,
Bow to thy! bow to thy!”

And I listened,
And the world fell down.
The believers prayed, and, I was one of them.
Divine intervention, the believers hoped.

“He who stands tall, is the greatest antichrist of all.
Be the Fuhrer, be it Boney,
Bow to thy! Bow to thy!
And the rest of all,
Who are left alone,
From the gods of their own,
Bow to thy, or live to die!”

And the prayers went on and on...
Divine intervention, the believers still hoped.

This poem has been based on the prophecies of nostardamus depicting the arrival of the third antichrist supposed to ruin the world the first two being napoleon and hitler.
The scene describes a satanic chanting of the followers of the third antichrist.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Curious Triangle

           I spilled my blood, gifted to life
My life gulped it and i solitarised.
I am my life, my wasted life.

Waste is a thief, the prophets said
 the greats agreed with a deceptive nod.
I am my life, my wasted life
The Almighty knows!
The Almighty knows!

Waste is a thief and i am the one,
Theft is my life and i am the thief.

My heart inflames and pleads a revenge,
For it’s dear colleague,
The one life gulped,
For the broken dreams
And the worldly rejection.

Yesternight in my sleep
And my fancies deep,
I heard a lament
or a lively chant,
a lovely chant.

Coz of the word ‘love’,
I guessed the heart
and sensed  the sense of a vintage betrayal.
“You are your life, your wasted life”.

The chant went on and rendered me alone.
My heart and my life , departed like ghouls.
Or had they so a long long ago,
But now  i sensed,
the being of mine,
the image of mine,
like the william’s reaper. 

And the battle is on,
And the culprit is none.
In the sequential fights,
on one side me,the other my heart,
and the third one being none but my life

But in the end guess who made it own,
Death stands alone! Death stands alone!
I was my life, my wasted life.
                                                  And the Grim smiled with a spear in his hand

Milk of dreams

The lady had a pearl,
Or had she two.
One dazzled as a star,
The other no one knew.

With her eyes drenched in tears,
She sat there searching for nears and dears.
She stared the silhoutte of the old daddy banyan.
And felt the cool of the shade she stared.

She felt the warmth of the creature in her lap,
The one she had bore sometimes ago.
She felt the levanter, and sometimes the breeze.

It lay in her lap,
With eyes open nomore,
Coz of the hunger felt,
It crouched as an embryo.

She stared a drop,
a drop of sweat,
a drop on the brow,
of her own fruit.
The lady had a pearl,
Or had she two.
The other only she but no one knew.

Suddenly her eyes stuck it’s lips,
And gazed them move.
She gulped their agony,
Through her dry throat,
When a yell echoed,
Through her heart and brains.
“O mamma! Feed me!
Feed me your milk!”

Tears welled up and rolled down her cheeks,
As she stared at the tender lips,
Moving in and out,
Like a touch me not’s tip.

Perchance , she thought,
Perchance it dreamt of the vanishing hunger,
Of the taste of her milk.
The lady had a pearl,
Or had she two.
No one knew!
No one knew!

Like Eyes

Silence and dilemma, like together they are,
Together we are.

Mingled is the light of the golden disc,
With the drift it has.

Embodied are the colours, prettiest of them,
In the lady of the Vinci.

Like together they are,
Together we are.
Alas! But the so near they are,
So far we are.

This poem has a metaphorical composition & a romanticist theme.
The title is such because two eyes being like twin sisters cant see each other throughout their lives; what an irony! 

Friday, January 29, 2010

Diary of a wizard

A curse of the pagan,
Might have survived,
Turned it a doom,
And a beleaguered right hand side.

A curse of the pagan,
Sprouted on the deeds,
And left the ages dark
For six centuries.

A wrath of the Venus,
Might be disguised,
But all are blinded,
Lest the starry skies.

A wrath of the Venus,
Encrypted a furore
And ripped off the man,
The man who made his own.

But now this Leo speaks,
As I decrypt,
And mark the essence,
With a heartfelt apology,
The people shall call ‘Renaissance'.

The above poem has been written as if it is a page torn down from the diary of leonardo-da vinci.
This poem has been based on the theme that man's self oriented deeds to raise himself has led to his downfall time and time again & throughout the ages.
In the above lines leonardo accuses man to be be the prime cause of the dark ages which are imagined to be a consequence of what man did to oust the women oriented paganism to give rise to a male oriented religion.
In the end renaissance is termed as an apology granted by the women to the man.