Friday, January 29, 2010

Diary of a wizard

A curse of the pagan,
Might have survived,
Turned it a doom,
And a beleaguered right hand side.

A curse of the pagan,
Sprouted on the deeds,
And left the ages dark
For six centuries.

A wrath of the Venus,
Might be disguised,
But all are blinded,
Lest the starry skies.

A wrath of the Venus,
Encrypted a furore
And ripped off the man,
The man who made his own.

But now this Leo speaks,
As I decrypt,
And mark the essence,
With a heartfelt apology,
The people shall call ‘Renaissance'.

The above poem has been written as if it is a page torn down from the diary of leonardo-da vinci.
This poem has been based on the theme that man's self oriented deeds to raise himself has led to his downfall time and time again & throughout the ages.
In the above lines leonardo accuses man to be be the prime cause of the dark ages which are imagined to be a consequence of what man did to oust the women oriented paganism to give rise to a male oriented religion.
In the end renaissance is termed as an apology granted by the women to the man.

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