Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milk of dreams

The lady had a pearl,
Or had she two.
One dazzled as a star,
The other no one knew.

With her eyes drenched in tears,
She sat there searching for nears and dears.
She stared the silhoutte of the old daddy banyan.
And felt the cool of the shade she stared.

She felt the warmth of the creature in her lap,
The one she had bore sometimes ago.
She felt the levanter, and sometimes the breeze.

It lay in her lap,
With eyes open nomore,
Coz of the hunger felt,
It crouched as an embryo.

She stared a drop,
a drop of sweat,
a drop on the brow,
of her own fruit.
The lady had a pearl,
Or had she two.
The other only she but no one knew.

Suddenly her eyes stuck it’s lips,
And gazed them move.
She gulped their agony,
Through her dry throat,
When a yell echoed,
Through her heart and brains.
“O mamma! Feed me!
Feed me your milk!”

Tears welled up and rolled down her cheeks,
As she stared at the tender lips,
Moving in and out,
Like a touch me not’s tip.

Perchance , she thought,
Perchance it dreamt of the vanishing hunger,
Of the taste of her milk.
The lady had a pearl,
Or had she two.
No one knew!
No one knew!